Personalised Water Bottles: Design Custom Water Bottles (2023)

Personalised plastic and metal water bottles for everyone and everywhere

The advantages of using personalised water bottles

Don’t make the mistake personalised plastic water bottles that employees get at a company event or introduction are only used at the office, because generally people love taking a personal drinking container with them. Once a personalised logo water bottle has found its way to the employee’s kitchen after work, it gets cleaned and then taken to pick nicks, on dog walks, and even on family road trips.

Choosing the perfect size for your personalised metal, glass or plastic water bottle – 300 ml, 500 ml or 750 ml

People who say that size doesn’t matter, are clearly not talking about water bottles and have always had access to water or any other type of drink. Of course size matters, and that is why all of Camaloon’s personalised glass, plastic and metal water bottles have a content of between 300 ml and 1 litre.

The size of a water bottle should be taken into account when selecting and personalising it, because you want it to fit into your (work) bag or backpack. The height of each water bottle ranges between 17 and 27 cm, and with a height difference of 10 cm you can understand why you shouldn’t just choose a size without looking at the specifics.You think of the purpose of the water bottle and then select its size. Once you have done that, get ready to complete the design by adding your company logo, a name or picture. Or leave the water bottle as it is if you like a plain and simple bottle with no distractions.

A popular size when it comes to personalised water bottles is the 750 ml size, and although there are several types of water bottles, these are our most ordered ones: the aluminium water bottle in fancy colours, the glossy stainless steel bottle or the minimalist style insulated flask of stainless steel.

Handy water bottles for kids – personalised children’s water bottles with or without straw

Your children love their custom water bottle. It gets filled with fresh juice, a lovely vegetable soup or just plain water. A key element when choosing your type of water bottle, a personalised children’s water bottles with or without straw, is your child’s drinking skills. If drinking from a wider round opening is not a problem, you don’t need the straw or pop lid anymore.

Why adults also like personalised water bottles with a straw

Imagine your bike ride to work and back home every workday and not having something to drink with you. A personalised water bottle with a straw or an aluminium bottle with anti-spill cap is just what you need to quench that thirst.

Cheap personalised water bottles – promotional items for every budget

If you have already spent most of your budget on personalised bags and need something less expensive to add to it, why not go for a cheap personalised water bottle? There are cheaper models in our water bottle catalogue to choose from.The budget price range water bottles start at around £1.50, but other cheap personalised water bottles are a little bit more at £3 or £5. The price of your water bottle mainly depends on the material you are selecting and not so much its contents, so plastic is less expensive and aluminium will cost you a bit more.Camaloon’s budget water bottles are a perfect choice for any occasion, and they are a popular item at sports events and music concerts. Many large organisations therefore pick their design and add the event’s or concert’s name, logo and/or year to make it complete. They repeat their order with a new design at every new event.

How to make personalised photo water bottles – adding that special touch to your gift or promotional item

What completes a design most? Think of personalised photo or picture water bottles, and choose an image that fully represents your message. Some company milestones or personal life events clearly ask for a photo: weddings, family reunions, your child at every new start of the school year, team building activities, awards and prizes won by the company or a specific department. Focus on emotions that can be expressed with a picture, like pride or love, and just make sure that the image you have chosen shows everyone at their best. Upload the picture at the designated space reserved for it, and finish your design after checking it thoroughly before ordering.

Ordering just one personalised water bottle for a teacher – also an option

At the end of the school year your child wants to show its appreciation for what the teacher has taught during the year, and designing a personalised water bottle for your child’s teacher is an excellent way of doing so. He or she will be able to enjoy that water bottle for many years.If you want to go all the way and let your child’s gift match with those of his classmates, check with the other parents what they have in mind, and maybe you can complete the set with a personalised laptop sleeve or personalised key rings. A group photo of the complete class will remind the teacher of his favourite group of little people for many years to come.

Why you should not just order any hot water bottle, but also remember to select a personalised hot water bottle with your favourite cover

A personalised hot water bottle can come with different types of covers, and you should be aware of their differences and each of the cover’s practical use before picking one. For example, a personalised stainless steel thermos has a cup on the top that you can screw off and then drink out of.A more environmentally friendly option is a steel bottle with cork lid or the insulated vacuum flask with bamboo cover. They both have a rustic look, and these hot water bottles will look great on any work desk.

Delivery options on personalised adult or kids water bottles

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ordered personalised adult or kids water bottles, because delivery times are the same for every order, and they depend on the type of delivery method you have selected when finishing your order. Some factors that may affect the time of delivery are: the type of water bottle you ordered, the amount of water bottles in your order, and the location the parcel has to be delivered to. To give you an idea: the standard time for 100 personalised water bottles to be delivered to your address is two to three weeks. Delivery times not only depend on Camaloon’s expert printing services, but also on the postal service or logistic company that operates in the country.

Cleaning your personalised hot water bottles (or any other water bottle for that matter)

If company welcome packs include personalised hot water bottles, then you should consider adding a guide on how to clean them well. You don’t want your employees getting sick because of unhygienic practices. This also counts for personalised lunch boxes and not just water bottles.A thermos flask can easily be cleaned with some baking soda and hot water. Let this mixture soak for a couple of hours, and make sure to use this solution on the inside of the lid as well. Then wash it with regular dish soap, rinse and let the bottle dry upside down before filling it with your favourite drink again.

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